Rental Services

Conference Equipment

Sound Systems for indoor and outdoor, Static microphones, Wireless Microphone, Clip on microphone.

Wireless Equipment for Simulatanious Interpretation

Multi-Channel Wireless Infrared Receivers, Headphones, Simultaneous Interpretation Booths with ISO Standards, Audio Distribution Box (audio signal for film cameras).

IT Equipment


Video Conference Equipment *

Connectivity for domestic and international videoconference - ( * The sophisticated equipment for live connection among people located in different places provides at the same time video transmission and high quality audio transmission).

Presentation / Audiovisual Equipment

Multimedia Projectors, Screens, Plazma Screens, Overhead Projectors, Data Projectors for slides, DVD player, Flip Charts, Multi-Channel Digital Audio Recording on CD, Digital Video Recording on DVD, Photography etc.

Visual & Lightning Provisioning

Stenography, Speaker's Platforms, Lighting, Banners, Billboards, Informational Panels, Info Desk, Aluminum Frames for Imprinted Banners or Lighting etc.